Digital Turnarounds: Big ROI for Any Turnaround/Site Size

CountryMark Implements MobideoSTO and Improves Turnaround Performance & Efficiency

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In this case study session, we’re going to be hearing from David Austin, Turnaround Operations & Training Supervisor, and Curt Conyers, Turnaround Manager at CountryMark, about their experiences in their first digital turnaround, and how smart management enabled the refinery to complete its turnaround on-time, and in-budget.


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  • Real-time tracking – knowing what is happening, as it happens

  • Reliability, accountability, and trustworthiness of contractors

  • Reducing manual, mundane tasks to ease workloads and increase efficiency

  • Reducing paperwork to a minimum

  • Improving communication between everyone involved in the turnaround


By integrating technology, implementing automation, and connecting the workforce, CountryMark achieved all this and more, completing its turnaround on time, and in budget - what everyone seeks in their turnarounds, but few succeed in achieving.

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Curt Conyers

Turnaround Manager



David Austin

Turnaround Operations &

Training Supervisor



Daniel Goulet, PMP

Director of Customer Success


Curt Conyers, CountryMark

Using Mobideo freed up a tremendous amount of time for our schedulers and personnel here at CountryMark, by allowing them to have updates on time, and to use their time in a more beneficial manner in the field and directing activities during construction.

Curt Conyers, Turnaround Manager, CountryMark