Can Technology & Humans Work Together for Improved Efficiency & Performance?

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Delek US case study presentation at the Connected Worker online event.


Dave Maher, SVP, Capital & Turnarounds, Delek US:

“In many applications in the world, we use computers to solve complex math problems. When you think about a turnaround, you can basically break it down into a complex math problem. I think platforms like Mobideo give you the opportunity to have a solver, essentially. To help the folks in the field that are executing the turnaround have much more advanced information than they can get; than the human brain can compute; or people can acquire in an event.”

Listen to Dave Maher, SVP, Capital & Turnarounds at Delek US, discussing his experiences with Paul Muir, Chief Revenue Officer and VP North America, Mobideo, and highlighting how the digitalization of work processes has generated operational excellence by:


  • Connecting workers and enabling them to digitally receive their tasks and supporting data in the field.

  • Connecting managers and enabling them to make better decisions based on real-time status data from the field that highlights risks.

  • Standardizing processes across multiple sites, with a deeper understanding of best practices.

  • Enabling data-driven Contractor Performance Management.


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MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Dave

Dave Maher, considers turnarounds to be the most challenging events to be performed in any facility. Fully aware that the amount of complexity involved cannot be effectively coordinated with traditional means, he has found that the incorporation of Mobideo has helped tremendously and had a markedly calming effect on turnaround execution.

MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Paul

Paul Muir has many years of experience understanding the challenges of current STO environments and resulting requirements. He is focused on raising awareness about the paradigm shift evolving in the digitalization of industrial workforces and driving business growth.