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MobideoSTO is a smart Digital Operating System that fundamentally changes how turnarounds are managed

A Holistic Approach to STO Management

MobideoSTO incorporates an out-of-the-box playbook, smart technology and best practice based on extensive, real-world experience, to deliver a total solution for the effective preparation, execution and debrief of STOs.

A Fundamental Change in STO Manageability

MobideoSTO is a technology framework that connects existing systems, data and people. Combining STO modelling tools, best practice, AI and BI in an intelligent management toolset, it improves readiness, predictability and learning.

Addressing the Complete STO Lifecycle

MobideoSTO addresses the scale and complexity of STOs throughout every stage of the process. During STO preparation, it determines readiness for execution through thorough planning, realistic scheduling and appropriate resource allocation. During STO execution, it delivers real-time performance and status monitoring and analysis for more efficient management and decision-making. And in the STO debrief on completion of the event, it provides powerful analytics to reveal insights and trends for determination of future KPIs and benchmarks for improvement.

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