Outage Delayed?
Time to Take Advantage of the Opportunity

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What’s in the eBook?

In today’s reality, your outage may not be around the corner. But now is a great opportunity to determine your readiness and prepare.

That’s because losing control - of the scope, scheduling, workers, contractors, bottlenecks and safety - is the biggest challenge of any outage, ultimately leading to inevitable delays in timetables and overruns in budget.

These issues and more can be improved by:

  • Better management of industrial workforces

  • Being connected in real-time to what’s going on in the field

  • Learning from past experiences to predict possible challenges

  • Raising the motivation, productivity and performance of workers and contractors through better communication and reducing human inefficiencies and risks in the workplace

  • Sharing knowledge, knowhow and experience to generate more efficient and quicker solutions

  • Supporting decision-making based on actual, real-time facts and insights from the field

So, even if you don’t have an outage around the corner, now’s the time to determine that you’re ready and will be in full control. Read this eBook to learn how you can succeed.