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With more than 100 STOs (Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages) covering $2.5 Billion of projects under our belt, we’ve launched our new product for STO Management.

It opens up a new realm of possibilities for you and your team.

You’ll love discovering its benefits.


Want to learn more about:

  • The root cause for STOs being typically off-schedule and over budget
  • How a digital turnaround can be flawless AND deliver real results
  • How STO complexity can be predicted and managed
  • The hands-on experiences of industry turnaround leaders
  • And more...


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Moderated by award-winning journalist and podcast host Krista Escamilla, this is an opportunity to hear:

  • Turnaround leaders Colin Xander (Chevron Phillips Chemical), Dave Maher (Delek US) and Ord Limbrick (Covestro) discussing their experiences dealing with the complexities associated with STOs.
  • Expert and CEO Yaron Eppel explaining how turnarounds are not like traditional projects, but VUCA (Volatility - Uncertainty - Complexity – Ambiguity) environments, and his launch of the first-ever STO Operating System offering a completely different approach to turnaround management.
  • Paul Muir, who, based on his experience in billions of dollars of STO projects, describes how the STO Operating System integrates innovative thinking, technology, best practices and hands-on experience to deliver effective STO management and execution.


Download the speaker highlights NOW



MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Krista-1

Krista Escamilla (@KristaEscamilla) is the owner of Rig-ID Workwear and host of Energy Today. A constant pursuer of safety in the oil & gas industry, she is a public speaker and award-winning journalist who hosts the Permian Perspective podcast and interviews oil and gas leaders.

MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Colin

Colin Xander is the Corporate Turnaround Manager at Chevron Phillips Chemical, where he oversees the turnaround execution at all CP Chemical assets. His extensive experience in turnarounds comes from the naval and civilian industries, where he has played key roles in the execution of several overhauls at civilian nuclear facilities as well as additional construction, deconstruction, and overhauls of several nuclear-powered ships.

MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Dave

Dave Maher, VP Refining and previously Refinery Operations Manager at Delek US, considers turnarounds to be the most challenging events to be performed in any facility. Fully aware that the amount of complexity involved cannot be effectively coordinated with traditional means, he has found that the incorporation of Mobideo has helped tremendously and had a markedly calming effect on turnaround execution.

Ord Limbrick

Ord Limbrick is Turnaround Director at Covestro, responsible for directing turnarounds and site shutdowns with the goal to strive for turnaround excellence. This includes being a local turnaround process owner within the global community for expertise in turnaround practices and methodology and building and leading a department of turnaround experts who manage and execute turnaround events to achieve turnaround goals, objectives, and KPIs.

MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Yaron

Yaron Eppel is a creative and strategic visionary with expertise in complex and dynamic field operations, business process management, and digital transformation. As CEO of Mobideo, he leads the company’s journey to transform industrial workforce effectiveness and safety through digitalized work processes that increase productivity and improve financial outcomes.

MobideoSTO - Launch event - Headshots for LP - Paul

Paul Muir has many years’ experience understanding the challenges of current STO environments and resulting requirements. As President of North America and CRO at Mobideo, he is focused on raising awareness about the paradigm shift evolving in the digitalization of industrial workforces and driving business growth.