What's the path to better maintenance & reliability?

A webinar about elimination, automation and innovation

Reliability and asset management as a framework that connects technical and business processes

Many asset-intensive organizations only relate to reliability once assets are in place, but not functioning as expected. Can such situations be foreseen? Prevented? It’s all about planning in advance in order to eliminate things that do not have to be performed; automating activities that can be performed by robots and computers; and getting people involved in innovative ideas that utilize their creativity, intuition and experience.

In this webinar, two experts - Paul Muir and Terrence O’Hanlon – discuss the mental framework to understand digitalization and its potential to transform your business. How to ask the right questions so that you appreciate where technology can take you, and that in order to mature in the reliability world, digital technology is essential. Other takeaways include:


  • Understanding how to eliminate current redundant processes, automate the rest, and use the time available to work on innovation opportunities.
  • Thinking more strategically about digitalization, based on an understanding of currently-available digital technologies and guidelines for moving forward/getting started.
  • Recognizing the importance of aligning digital and reliability maturity models to realize maximum benefits.

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About the Presenters


Paul Muir - Mobideo - 2


Terrence OHanlnon - 2