Unlocking the Value of Existing Siloed Systems

The importance of unlocking siloed data to improve performance and foster on-time, in-budget STO execution

What’s in the whitepaper?

Many STOs (Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages) lack access to real-time data, preventing effective and accurate management. Field data is all too often stale, delayed and inaccurate, and struggles to find its way back to the necessary systems of record because of lack of connectivity and sharing. Decision-makers are unable to get different data systems of record to talk to each other.


Data silos evolve due to various reasons, from data management strategies and company politics to siloed organizational structures, company culture and technology. Their existence and consequent lack of data sharing means that any STO management team only has access to a small part of the total picture. Trying to plan and execute an STO with such isolated data is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle in the dark, with nothing but a flashlight! The chance of success is very limited.


This whitepaper discusses these issues and more. It illustrates how STO success is dependent on unlocking existing siloed systems, since the communication and interconnection between the information silos of multiple systems are essential to:

  • Ensure that all departments work collectively and collaboratively on accurate information

  • Improve the accuracy and integrity of KPIs

  • Compare the high velocity of data sets quickly

  • Provide management with complete, correlated data that delivers insights, supports accurate and informed decision-making, and enables managers to stay ahead of their events.